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But not every business can afford what they want, when they need it. We have come up with a good idea. We thought about how we want to build ongoing working relationships with customers and how we can help their business. It’s obvious! Spread the cost...view more

  • As 2016 draws to a close we are reflecting on some of our highlights this year. Here are some of our favourite slides and social assets that we made for Content By Terence Conran in 2016…

  • So we went out on a work social the other night. Yay! We wandered down the road to Old Street for a session of table tennis and once we had worked up an appetite went to grab a pizza.

  • Traditional role: Home buttons are somewhat of a traditional staple for web design. For years they have provided a level of comfort for users. Regardless of confidence levels of navigating unfamiliar websites,

  • Walking the tube!   Well, summer’s here (you know the rather warm bits between the grey skies and the rain). This means only one thing for your average London commute.

  • Street Feast: Here at Slate we’ve been BIG fans of Street Feast’s Hackney ventures. And we are super excited that our Friday nights have become even better!  The venue used to literally be round the corner from our office.

  • Well here we are. 2016. Did you all survive the Festive season? We did. Just! We’ve definitely had a little bit of a competitive vibe here in the office about who actually ate the most…

  • In Part One we looked at ways of using Popups and Sliders as a tool for adding to your email list, but what other options are there?

  • Popups and Slide-ins   Email lists are an absolute essential for all marketers. Especially with Facebook limiting posts and click through rates declining on Twitter.

  • Free fonts to add to your collection… YAY! Everybody loves free fonts. We’ve collated what we think are the top 10 fonts that we have discovered so far this year (have we mentioned that they’re free?). 

  • We were having a chat in the office the other day about Haggerston’s history, and realised that we didn’t know much about this fantastic area. So we thought we’d share some historical insights!

  • 5 second rule: According to the Urban Dictionary the 5 second rule is ‘An unwritten law dictating that if a food or other consumable item is dropped onto the floor, it may be picked up and eaten within five seconds’.

  • Here’s a list we have compiled of free stock image websites. You can use for any of your projects without forking out lots of extra expenses.