Posh Nosh International

We are delighted to announce the latest edition of Posh Nosh!

This year we have designed a brand new site to accompany their offer with Besserat champagne. Over the next 16 weeks up to the end of February 2012, they are running a Posh Nosh dining offer with The Independent, involving 50 premium London restaurants. In conjunction with this they needed a website that would break these restaurants up in to individual pages with clear concise text, displaying a review of the restaurant, the menu and champagne on offer as well some slick imagery of the restaurant food and chef.

We feel that we captured the tone of the audience well and made the most of the space we had on offer. The most difficult part was to ignore the rumbling of our stomach’s everytime we were uploading the food shots to the site!

A very fun project. Have a look at the site here.

Posted: December 2011

Author: Slate Team Member



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