Tips on writing for the web

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1. Get the attention

Your title has to be eye catching. Be descriptive. Tell your readers what they would be getting out of this post. Use keywords and make them bold. Sometimes the use of hyperlinks could also serve as a good highlight for the readers.

2. Get to the point

Make it brief, make it short. Let them get what they want, instead of getting them figure if this is what they want. You can state your point and start with your conclusion in front.

3. Space matters

Just take it that human eyes as claustrophobic. Text in awful lumps would be such a turnoff. Create more space. Have very distinct paragraphs, with each demonstrating only one point. List information with bullets. Use numbers when ranking matters.

4. Think of her/him all the time

Put yourself into the shoes of your readers. Do they really need or want to know this? Remember you not only have to capture their attention, you have to keep it there tightly.

5. Be honest with who you are

Your readers would want to know who they are reading from and how much they could trust what they are reading. You could leave a byline or include details of yourself on your blog or website.

6. Speak in a common language

Unless the acronyms are very widely used, I wouldn’t go for the idea of short forms. We know what SMS is but what if there is more than one meaning for SMS? Furthermore, always use words that users know. You don’t need bombastic and fanciful words to impress people. Impress people when you could use simple words to get a complicated idea across.

7. Write as though you are talking to them

Get personal. We usually feel for something when we are able to relate to it. Use active voice to speak to them.


Posted: April 2010

Author: Slate Team Member



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